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What is the best age to start Martial Arts?

While there is NO age bar to start learning anything, including martial arts, the most ideal scenario is when a person starts as young as 3-4 years of age, and consistently practices on the way to being a Black belt expert. Honestly, this is an ideal and rare case as most students (and parents) find it challenging to stay consistent due to various reasons.

Hence, here at UPMA, we strongly believe that ALL AGE GROUPS are perfect to start with martial arts training. Infact, as per our observations through the years, we have seen that when teenagers and adults join as beginners, they learn faster due to their strong conviction and self motivation.

Therefore, we can confidently say that the best age to start martial arts training depends on the individual and also the martial art-form.

Having concluded so, we must admit that it's best if children are introduced to martial arts from a very young age itself (3-6 old). This is because classes focus on developing basic skills and discipline in a fun way. Thus kids develop an early interest in martial arts and learn the importance of discipline and sportsmanship from a very young age.

Hence we always emphasize on the importance of martial arts training for children as it helps in building their physical and moral values on a strong foundation of discipline.
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