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The Perfect Age to Start Martial Arts Training...

The Ideal Path

While it is true that there is no age limit to start learning anything, the most conventional and ideal situation for any martial artist would be to start at the youngest age of 3-4 years and stay consistent throughout the learning process till he/she achieves an expertise, in this case, at least a Black belt.

But this situation holds true very rarely because most children start very late... and for those who start early, most of them find it challenging to stay consistent due to various reasons.

This conventional path of an early beginning and a consistent journey, that leads to the attainment of unmatched skillset & expertise is super challenging to follow as it requires immense dedication, self-belief and patience. Hence, we salute those parents and their children who are able to complete such a challenging journey with patience, persistence and faith.

NO AGE BAR to start Training.

No matter what the age of a person is, stepping into Martial Arts is only going to benefit her/him in all possible ways. Having admitted to the fact that it is best to start young, it is also true that the best age to start martial arts training totally depends on the individual and the martial art form.

This is because when teenagers or adults join in as beginners, they start and continue with very strong conviction and self-motivation. In-fact, as per our observations through the years, some students who start training late in their teens or adulthood, but stay regular with training learn faster than their younger counterparts... this is due to their

strong will-power and hunger for knowledge.

We at UPMA (Universal Power Martial Arts Academy), are proud and fortunate to have such various students who explore the art of learning in their own beautiful ways.
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